Starting Your Own Company In Dubai

The fact that it is one of the fastest growing economies in the world makes Dubai an ideal location for anyone seeking to go further in their careers or for entrepreneurs to start new ventures. Dubai gives a unique and sought after chance to go beyond and also gives an opportunity to earn a higher pay, making it ideal for people looking for a better shot at life. The starting up of small businesses is also crucial for the growth of Dubai and while it is true that the licensing and registering is quite complicated to navigate around, Dubai offers something you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere; a favorable environment to start up and operate a business. Keeping in mind certain do’s and don’ts will help you in achieving  goal without an obstacle along the way.
To first start a business that can take advantage of the environment present in Dubai, one needs a LLC business that is registered in the Emirates of UAE. An individual of UAE nationality must be taken as a ‘local sponsor’. He is entitled to a 51% share of the business. It also provides you with the independence to situate the business at any location in the city. A fixed and agreed fee should be paid to your sponsor yearly. This can be negotiated and stay on good terms with your sponsor so that if problems arise, he can be a support to you. There is also multiple business set up companies that offer business set up services.
If you wish to own your business in Dubai completely, your only solution is to start up the company in one of Free Zones located in Dubai. This will not work for businesses that ought to be in city centers such as diners and retail outlets and firms that do business with the government need to be registered to a local business.
An important aspect of ensuring your business takes off is to choose a strategic location for your business that can help you reach out to potential customers. There is hardly any use of your business, even in this booming economy if your clients can not get a hold of you. Setting up your business in the right part of the city can make or break your business. Of course before all of this you need to sort out your visa requirements and the eligibility for you to stay. Visa application is not as unbending as most people would have you think as the establishment is quite open to the idea of foreign investors starting up companies in Dubai.