Simple Ways To Dispose Personal Care Items Responsibly

There are few items like shampoo, shower gel and toothpaste that almost all of use every day. Because these items are so commonly used, we should have a very basic idea on how to dispose them responsibly. These are few simple ways to toss these items off the right way.

Makeup containers

Ladies what are you planning to do with makeup containers when you squeeze out the last drop of BB cream or brush off the last shade of blusher? Rather than simply tossing it to a waste bin and sending it off to the junkyard, get in touch with the product manufacturer and check if they have any recycling in Dubai program in place. Most cosmetic lines such as Lush and MAC offer incentives for customers to return empty foundation bottles or eye shadow palates. Manufactures such as Estee Lauder will even accept products from their competitors. Certain companies even offer to recycle cosmetic packaging. In return, you might receive a discount at your next purchase or if there is any loyalty program, you may even get a free stick of lipstick.

Shampoo, shower gel bottles and shaving foam cans

Many of the shampoo, conditioner and shower gel bottles can directly be disposed via your local waste management center. Once you’ve managed to squeeze the last drop of hair conditioner out, wash the bottle to get rid of any remaining drops of the product. Flip the bottle over and try to see which number of plastic the bottle is made out from; if it’s #2 or #3. Double check if these types are accepted by your local landfill. Before tossing your shaving foam can, check if your local junkyard has a can crusher.

Toothpaste tubes and tooth brushes

Before tossing an empty tube of toothpaste or a worn out toothbrush into the garbage bin, contact your waste management center and check if they take these kind of stuff. Many junkyards doesn’t have the machinery to decompose empty toothpaste tubes or toothbrushes, as these are manufactures using multiple materials, and will have to be removed and sorted before decomposing. So before you send it off with the rest of your household trash check if they can accept it. Check if there are specialized programs that take items difficult to breakdown such as tooth brushes, in your area.

Disposable razors

Due to the blades on dispensable razors, many waste management centers don’t accept these items. Opt for a type of razor that you could use more than once or twice.